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The Process

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The first step is the plan for your online presence. Once your project is booked,
we'll schedule a discovery session that informs an effective strategy and guides the design and development for the project.


During this phase of the project we'll work on the overall concept for your website, including an ideal structure and a custom design for your brand.


This is where the website plan, structure, and design all come together in a custom build. Once it's polished and ready, the website is transferred to you as the new owner.
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Client Feedback

“Working with my previous site felt overwhelming. I was persistently aware that it didn't represent me well but uncertain how to make changes. As I talked with a few web designers, I found many of them trying to tell me who I was. They wanted my site to look like their idea of who they thought I was. Carly was curious and engaged with who I actually am. She got to know me and let me know her. I knew she would guide me well because she took the time to learn about me before we began.

In our very first phone call, Carly gave me great comfort by simply listening and responding. I never questioned that she would honor the unique services I offer.

Working with Carly has definitely re-kindled my relationship with an online presence. And! I've already had a sale on my site and some new clients have reached out for more information.”
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