Z Property Colorado

Website and Logo Design

The Vision

This client and I were just getting established in our own businesses when I was asked for a logo and website design. I hadn't learned much about brand strategy and why it's important at the time, but I was eager to jump in and tackle the designs. What the client envisioned for the Z Property Colorado brand was a minimal and modern black-and-white aesthetic. I was also asked to keep the website simple and straight-forward as a single page, with no color.

The Approach and Solution

The challenges we faced with this project were related to designing without a brand in mind, which I quickly began to understand over the following year and changed my approach with clients. Over time, we worked together on more projects and have slowly established a distinct look and feel with only the black and white for a brand color palette. While it's a unique challenge to design with any kind of limitation, that is exactly what good design is all about- solving challenges within a set of restraints.

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