Getting a website is easy enough these days, but getting one that performs well is really the point.

Without these 4 things, a website isn’t really complete and won’t perform to its full potential. This is why I include solutions for the following as a standard in my website projects for 2022:

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

👉🏼  Why it’s important: SEO basics should be added to your website when it’s built so your business is represented properly and found easily in search results.

A basic setup includes properly titled URL’s, page names, and image meta data, as well as making sure each mobile version of your site meets Google’s standards for design so you can rank in search results.

SEO will also be improved by great page content. That means the content strategy for your website is more important than ever.

Accessibility is also an area that is important for SEO. Web Accessibility is the inclusive practice of making sure that websites are built so that people with different kinds of disabilities or restrictions can still benefit from using them.

If you want to learn more, here are 14 need-to-know tips on SEO from the Webflow blog.

2. Copy that converts

👉🏼  Why it’s important: A website that converts traffic into leads is one that combines good design and effective written messaging.

Effective communication is incredibly valuable for a business. Your website is the primary tool for communicating your business story, values, and products and service offerings effectively. Sadly, many businesses are getting sales in spite of their website instead of capitalizing on the potential they have when working in collaboration with their website.

A story-based framework, clear and direct calls to action, and messaging without jargon are just a few of the ways to achieve a well-written website that encourages visitors to stick around, learn more, and become new leads and customers. You can learn more about using a proven method to write for your business at

3. Legal pages

👉🏼  Why it’s important: Legal pages on your website address and disclose how your site is collecting information from site visitors. Since state-wide, national, and global laws for website owners and users are constantly changing, it’s a good idea to get your policies from a reputable provider who can keep them updated for you. These policies may include:

✓ Privacy Policy
✓ Terms of Service
✓ Cookie Notice and Additional Legal Notices

I recommend using an online service that specializes in auto-updating legal polices for websites and will help get this set up for my clients. You can learn more about legal policies at

4. Good security

👉🏼  Why it’s important: Cyber attacks on websites happen daily, with many of them affecting small business websites. You and your users’ information has to stay private to maintain trust and reliability.

Using a reputable hosting provider like Webflow protects against a number of major threats including spam, website crashes, and data theft.

It can also be detrimental to your website success when you don’t have a SSL security certificate. A user may navigate away when they see the warning that your website may pose a potential security risk to them. Sites without security certificates also don’t rank as high in Google search results. Learn more about how Webflow builds security into your website.

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Carly Glander | Founder / Designer
Written by Carly Soper

Hi, I'm Carly. I've spent several decades working in the fields of graphic design, marketing, and web design. I combine all my skills now to design and build custom websites for my clients from start to finish using Webflow. I count psychology, reading, and fine art among my myriad interests.

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